Perfect Relationship Talk 完美关系讲座 – Geshe Michael Roach

Discover The Secrets For Having The

Perfect Relationship You Been Wishing For…

Be It In Your Business Or In Your Personal Life!



Join Us for 1 Night of Relationship Advice Seminar on

Relationships NEVER End with
Geshe Michael Roach “LIVE” in Malaysia!

Geshe Michael Roach - The Diamond Cutter Book

Geshe Michael Roach

  • Started Andin Diamond Business, from a US$50,000 loan & 3 staff to US$200 million sales & 10,000 employees worldwide, and sold to Warren Buffett in 2009.
  • Author of “The Diamond Cutter”, one of the best-selling business books in history with million copies sold and translated into over 20 languages.
  • A sought-after International Speaker and Mentor of The Diamond Cutter’s Principles of Success to help YOU achieve extraordinary levels of success in all aspects of business and life!



Geshe Michael grew up in the United States and graduated with Honours from Princeton University. He has received the presidential Scholar Medal at the White House, from the President of the United States.

He is the first American in 600 years to be awarded the Tibetan title of Geshe, or Master Degree.

Geshe Michael Roach helped start Andin International Diamond Company in Manhattan and the firm became one of the fastest growing companies in New York City.

It reached $250 million dollars in annual sales and 10,000 employees worldwide. In 2009 Andin international was purchased by finance wizard Warren Buffett.

Geshe Michael later detailed this astounding accomplishment and his revolutionary methods in the international best-seller, the Diamond Cutter, translated into 20 languages to date. More than 3 million people globally use this book to achieve personal, relationship and business success.

Geshe Michael is an international inspirational speaker and teacher to more than 10,000 successful individuals and companies annually, on various topics from business, relationship, marriage problems, health and many more.

He teaches the secrets of the Diamond Cutter to awaken the wisdom in every person’s mind, so that any individual, executive or company can achieve an extraordinary level of success in every aspect of their business and life.




Some of the executives and divisions of corporations and organizations worldwide using Diamond Cutter Principles…

  • Xerox Corporation
  • Goldman Sachs, Hong Kong
  • Kaplan Thaler Advertising
  • The Young Presidents Organization (SG & Manila)
  • DuPont Corporation
  • Herbal Life Corporation (Taipei & Hong Kong)
  • ABC Television
  • The Shanghai Stock Exchange
  • Nautica Jeans Co.
  • Canadian Bank of Imperial Commerce
  • Bumble & Bumble Division of Estee Lauder
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Anica Beauty Chain
  • Audible Books Division of Amazon Books

Now You can Acquire the WISDOM & SUCCESS
Principles of The Diamond Cutter in person
with Geshe Michael Roach!

Geshe Michael travels internationally to more than 20 countries to teach and share the invaluable wisdom and principals he has learned, tested and proven that offer both practical tools and innovative methods of economic success, as well as personal and professional wellbeing.

We have the honour to invite Geshe Michael Roach, for the 5th year, to share these principles for unprecedented success directly with you in Malaysia for a night’s public talk on 29 July 2014!

Join us to learn from the acclaimed Geshe Michael Roach in his public talk to learn how to:

  • Look for the perfect partner to spend your life with.
  • Ignite the passion in your marriage of 10 years and able to wish your partner would hug you like he used to.
  • Maintain great relationships with your business partner instead of changing a new partner every year.
  • Solve your in-laws problems once and for all… cannot be done? It’s possible with Diamond Cutter.
  • Have perfect interpersonal relationships with all the people around you, from your colleagues, friends, family, to your spouse, kids and parents.
  • and many more…


Relationships NEVER End Public Talk

Discover the 12 techniques for successful relationships!

Date: Tuesday, 29 July 2014
Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Venue: Menara PGRM
No.6, Jalan Pudu Ulu,
Cheras 56200 Kual Lumpur
Cost: RM50
(Limited Seats Available)




Ticketing : Nick Albert 景鸿 – Kuala Lumpur
RM50/ ticket + postage RM10
Text me Number of ticket, Name, address of postal, Mobilr Number.
(SMS)+60123972128 (Wechat) 2535946317
Maybank Berhad
Albert Choo Chin Hoong


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