Ossoto Recreation Hub *a comfort place away from home*

It’s a pleasure to welcome you to Ossoto Recreation Hub, a comfort place away from home.
我们非常荣幸欢迎您的光临Ossoto 商务水疗生活馆,一个离开家的舒适。

Ossoto Recreation Hub has created a very good surrounding environment to provide our customers with a good air ventilation and quiet place. We do provide customers with a comfortable spa bath area; independent beauty treatment rooms, equipped with professional masseurs, Chinese medicine practitioners and the well trained beauty therapist; to ensure our customers can enjoy the beauty therapy services with international professional standards.
Ossoto 商务水疗生活馆把周围的环境营造的非常好,为我们的顾客提供了清新的空气和宁静的环境­。我们为顾客提供舒适的温泉浴室;独立的美疗室,配备专业的按摩师,中医师及美疗师;­顾客能享受到具有国际专业水准的美疗服务。

In Ossoto Recreation Hub, we offers full body or parts massages, aromatherapy, Chinese medicine therapy, fitness room, other leisure, food and beverages as well as providing customers with face, hair, nail care; with specified and individuals use of personal care products for each of the customer.
Ossoto 商务水疗生活馆提供全身或局部按摩服务、香薰疗法,中医疗法,健身室,各项休闲,餐饮­的同时也提供脸部,美发,美甲护理服务;为个人特别配用个人专属保养品。

We look forward to making your stay both comfortable and memorable by providing personalized service exceeding the quality of our facilities.

5th Floor,
Wisma Mirama, Jalan Wisma Putra,
50460 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah persekutuan, Malaysia

Tel : +603-2145 1122

GRP Coordinates 导航指标 : 3°8’7″N 101°42’10″E
Google Map : http://goo.gl/maps/VuBPG
Train 地铁 : HangTuah LRT Station & Maharajalela Monorail Station
(10minnutes walking distance)

We are provided free shuttle pick up and send off within Golden triangle of Kuala Lumpur


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