Boy bleeds to death in freak accident at hotel bathroom


2014-02-16 TheStarOnline

ALOR SETAR: A 14-year-old boy bled to death after a sink in the toilet of a hotel room here broke and made a deep cut in his thigh.

The Form Two schoolboy known only as Ming Shen (pic), was washing his hands when the freak accident occurred at about midnight yesterday. He was in his friend’s room watching badminton on television with several others.

Ming Shen managed to open the toilet door to ask for help from his friend, a 35-year-old businessman known only as Wei.

Wei, when met at the scene, likened the sound of the sink dropping to that of an explosion.

“He was begging me to save him, so I called the hotel front office and asked them to call for an ambulance. We waited and the ambulance did not arrive. Numerous calls were made to the hospital but we were told that the ambulance was on its way.

“I went outside the hotel after waiting for almost 20 minutes. The ambulance finally arrived some 40 minutes later, but it was already too late as Ming Shen had bled to death,” he said.

His mother, who declined to be named, said she hoped to get an explanation from the hotel management on how the sink gave way, adding that she was considering legal action against the management.

She described Ming Shen, the youngest of three siblings, as an obedient child whose favourite sport was badminton.

“He had told us about staying over at his friend’s hotel after watching the badminton tournament. I can’t believe he’s gone from our lives forever,” said the mother.


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