The Purple House Brand

About The Purple House Brand

The Purple House is Subang Jaya’s first designer student hostel brand. The Purple House hostels offer low-density, luxury accommodation to both international & local students. Each student accommodation under The Purple House are fully licensed by the Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ) and meets BOMBA safety & quality standards. In addition, The Purple House hostels are managed by a professional Management team along with dedicated, on-site Hostel Wardens.


There are currently two residences under The Purple House:



The Purple House

The Purple House is the first student hostel built by The Purple House and can accommodate 32 students with a total of 10 Single Rooms and 11 Twin Rooms available for half-yearly rentals. The hostel is located a mere 350 meters away from both Taylors and INTI College campuses.


The Purple House 2 @ INTI Residences

The Purple House 2 @ INTI Residences is the latest hostel under The Purple House brand. The new hostel will have double the capacity of The Purple House @ INTI Residences with 45 Single Rooms and 9 Twin Rooms to accommodate 63 students in total. The Purple House 2 @ INTI Residences features improved room design, upgraded facilities and additional space-in short, raising the standards for student accommodation in Subang Jaya. The Purple House 2 @ INTI Residences was designated as another on-campus student accommodation by INTI International College Subang on 1 November 2012.

Management of The Purple House

The Purple House is managed by a Property Management team specializing in student accommodation. On-site Hostel Wardens are assigned to each hostel to oversee daily operations and tenant management. Strict House Rules, safety measures, regularly updated housekeeping and maintenance procedures are in place to ensure a safe, clean & harmonious resident environment.



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