I hope this is my love

This is the first time Bear Brown & Rabbit Cony met

Brown and Cony date for movie!

Date for dinner!

Date for shopping

Cony think Brown is great,so they started the relationship

Brown think Cony is lovely and kind-hearted

One day,Brown decided make a proposal, they want to stay forever

Brown and Cony traveling a lot

Cony likes comedy

Cony like to drink somewhile

Brown like to prepare “BIANDANG” for Cony

Play card with Cony,although Brown not like it very much

Satisfy Cony’s vanity

They sometime cook together on weekend

take care of Cony when she get sick.

comfort Cony’s bad mood

Protect Cony when she face danger

Carry Cony when she tired

Make an apology when Cony angry

Hand-woven scarf for Brown

Cony is helping to clear Brown’s ears

Baking dersrt for Brown

Sometime, Brown has business trips

Brown and Cony’s life is simple and sweet

Hope all the peole can find the right person!



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