TRIBUTE: Who exactly is Malaysia Airlines Captain Zaharie Shah of MH370?

The brave pilot of MH370 must not go unnoticed. We find out just how passionate Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah is about flying.Note: All information found here is publicly available. This post acts as a tribute to the brave Captain Zaharie. Do not politicize, belittle or use this information with malicious intent. Do have respect for him and his family and please have common sense.

53 year old Penangite and ex-Penang Free School student Captain Zaharie joined Malaysia Airlines in 1981 and has a whopping 18,365 hours of flying under his belt. It is very unfortunate that he was involved in the tragic MH370 accident.Some have mentioned that the accident could have been caused by pilot error, however we provide evidence showing that it was extremely unlikely that this was caused by pilot error.

Captain Zaharie’s passions are flying. Even when not piloting the massive Boeing 777, he flies remote-controlled aircraft.Images below were uploaded on Facebook by Captain Zaharie himself.


His remote-controlled version of the Bell 222, a lighweight twin-engined helicopter


His Cataline PBY plane is an amphibious aircraft, made by Consolidated Aircraft. The word RESCUE is printed on top of the aircraft.

We also mentioned that he made his own Boeing 777 flight simulator. That’s just how passionate he is about flying.When he was away from piloting an actual Boeing 777, he built his own simulator to practice even more.


Parts to build Captain Zaharie’s flight simulator

When not flying his Boeing 777, he still flies a Boeing 777 at home

Captain Zaharie with his self-built flight simulator
He made a post on regarding his setup. To those who don’t know, X-Sim is a motion simulator community.Elo guys,
zaharie here…. pls to join x-sim. About a month ago I finish assembly of FSX and FS9 with
6 monitors …. with the latest graphic card ( 2 pieces of asus 7970) on one cpu awesome view on 3 panasonic 32 in. LCD HDMI
and 3 touchscreen Dell 21 inches for main (MCP) , center pedestal, overhead panel.
time to take to the next level of simulation.Motion! looking for buddies to share this passion.
Capt Zaharie Ahmad Shah

Besides aviation, he also has a YouTube channel that he has used to upload handy video guides. Here’s a video of him teaching viewers how to save electricity by tuning their air conditioner. He truly has a good heart.Notice how he has the “pilot voice” even in his videos.

He is also an avid chef, sharing different dishes for those around him just like a true Malaysian and Penangite.Here are some photos he uploaded on Facebook of his creations:

Making bihun

Butter prawns, curry fish and brocolli mushroom

Sambal tahu

In terms of social media, he has a Twitter profile but he hasn’t posted before.His political affiliations are clear through who he is following and we request that you do not attempt to taint this tragic event by linking any political issues to the accident or the respected Captain Zaharie.

We think that this man deserves all our respect. Commend Captain Zaharie by Tweeting at his account here @ZAHARIES

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